I have been helping students with application essays for over 15 years, and they are one of my favorite things to work on.  Application essays are a wonderful confluence of personal and academic history, and they are a delicate blend of sharing your life and getting essay readers to want you!

I do not have unlimited time to work on essays because of the whole writing and teaching career thing, but I selfishly set aside five slots per month for students and clients who need help with an essay.

In order to make the process simple and allow you to know what you are getting, I have created a menu of essay service packages.  You can purchase a package in the SHOP.

For each package, I offer:

  • reading through your essay and providing edits and feedback online
  • a Skype call to discuss the edits and feedback
  • reading and commenting on the rewrite
  • a final read through


Small: under 1000 words  $200*

Medium: 1001 to 2500 words $300*

Large: 2500-3500 words $400*

*I reserve the right to grade your project as light, medium, or heavy.  If only light editing is needed, I will reduce the charge by 10% and if extensive, heavy editing is needed, I may need to charge an additional 10%.

Add ons

  • talking through your essay ideas while your essay is in process or before you write:  $40 for a half hour
  • additional essay added on are charged 25% less than the initial essay by special arrangement

Purchase a package in the SHOP.

Please contact me for any project larger than 3500 words.

I do not and cannot guarantee an acceptance into a program, but I am delighted to work with you or your student to write a great essay.