My passion is writing and helping other people write well. I would love to work with you.

While many people think about hiring editors to correct their errors or fix their grammar, editing can be so much more.

My specialty is in Substantive Editing.

What is Substantive Editing?

Substantive editing can also be called developmental editing or structural editing. This type of editing is about a writer and editor working together to effectively complete a project. Substantive editors provide a big picture view for the writer, ask questions, read and comment for clarity and organization, and serv as a sounding board as the writer works to communicate exactly what they would like to say. This type of editing works to make sure that your writing is structured in a way that communicates clearly and effectively. Substantive editing is the step before copy or line editing, and while it does work to improve your writing at the paper, paragraph, and sentence level, it is not intended to make sure that there are no errors.  It will, however, leave you with a fairly polished piece of writing.

Why should I use a Substantive Editor?

Substantive editors are helpful if you experience writer’s block. If you have great ideas and want to more clearly communicate them, a substantive editor can you help uncover what you are trying to say. Even if you are a confident writer, hiring a substantive editor provides an unbiased review of your work. This type of editing is also particularly useful for long or complex projects that require a careful overview.

What type of writing do you work with?

I often work in an academic setting. I specialize in working with students and academics on journal articles, dissertations, and proposals and grants.

In reality, any type of writing is appropriate for working with a substantive editor. Performance reports, letters, projects, articles, speeches, essays, stories, and books are all forms of writing that can benefit from an editor’s perspective.

If you are working on a book or would like to brainstorm ideas, I would also happy to be your book coach.  I have written several full length books, published, and am currently working on new manuscript projects.

What does it cost?

I charge $65 an hour for substantive editing services.  If you have a larger project, we could discuss a project rate rather than an hourly charge.

How do I work with you?

Please email me at with information about your project.  Any details that you can provide would be helpful.  Because I freelance, my schedule ebbs and flows, but if you email me, I can give you an idea of my availability and turn around times.